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Flower Shadow

Project Description:

Installation inspired by the dandelion. The soft trunk measures the thickness of spring.

In this dizzying encounter with the wind, the flower seeds break free and penetrate the layers of space, flowing and blooming freely in the air, igniting the hope of life.

Technology freezes time and visualises the meaning of life. Between the flow of light is the communication between humans, nature and technology.

Innovative Highlights:

When the visitor blows into the wind sensor, the blue light shadows, like a driven wind, travel down the stem to the dandelion flowers.

As the individual dandelion forms open and close, the light and shadows continue to flow towards the ends of the branches, connecting the eighteen dandelion flowers and allowing them to bloom together as promised, igniting the hope of life.

Business Value or Social Value:

2019 GEEKSART Original IP Exhibition - "Whenever the Stars Change" toured in more than 10 cities including Shanghai (Himalayan Art Museum) and Shenzhen (OCT)In 2019, the work "Flower Shadow" won the "Successful Design Competition" New Media Successful Design Award

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