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Dubai World Expo-Mobility Pavillion

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Project Description:

Designed by Foster + Partners, Alif - The Mobility Pavilion tells the story of the past, present and future of human mobility in a spectacular three act immersive experience. Immersive directed and created visual and interactive content for the largest installations in Act 2: Mobility in the Present Day and produced all creative content for Act 3: The Future of Mobility.


In Act 2, Immersive brought to life the incredible story of modern day global mobility. This included projecting dynamic visuals onto an 11-metre diameter globe and producing beautiful media across a total of 150 screens, centred around a 6-metre holographic screen. We also developed an interactive installation using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to allow visitors to see themselves as astronauts in space.

In Act 3, we set out to imagine how future cities might look, feel and function. The narrative is told across multiple screens, including an expansive 23-metre panorama canvas. To create visually stunning, hyperrealistic content, we integrated ultra-high-resolution animation and VFX techniques with carefully choreographed live shoot footage.

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