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Digital promotion platform for traditional Chinese dance

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

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Project Overview:

The digital promotion platform for traditional Chinese dance is a mobile dance practice app produced by the Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University. Through the digital, visual and intelligent design and transformation of traditional Chinese dance, it can not only let more audiences know dance like video dance. , Understand dance, learn dance, and enhance the audio-visual effect of dance, changing the status quo that dance can only be appreciated but not directly participated in the experience after it is spread through the media.

The traditional dance teaching methods are mainly video broadcast teaching and on-site teaching. The advantage of video playback teaching is that students can learn dance anytime and anywhere under the condition of a network environment, and the advantage of the on-site teaching method is that teachers can correct and guide students in real time. With the development of computer technology, E-Learning teaching methods have begun to occupy the mainstream, such as Just Dance and Dancing Machine. Users can learn related dances anytime and anywhere through electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers. This project is based on e-learning methods, taking some representative traditional dances in China as the dance species to be practiced, which has more Chinese characteristics.

This project includes a text introduction part, a video playback part, and a dance study part. Traditional video playback learning is a traditional and effective way of dance learning. Users can learn standard dance postures from a third-person perspective. The combination of text introduction and video playback allows users to preview related dance moves and understand their related background; The method of dance teaching is the most efficient way of learning dance. The teacher can give students guidance and corrections in real time, but the time cost consumed in the learning process is hard to ignore. The dance study part of this project includes standard teacher avatar movements and Standard dance scoring system, users can review and consolidate related dances anytime and anywhere through the dance study system in the project.

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How the project uses digital technology to express the story:

The human body pose estimation technology in artificial intelligence is used in the project. Users can use their mobile phones to watch the dance they are interested in, and then shoot and record the self-taught dance. The artificial intelligence module extracts the skeleton of the video action, and calculates the video skeleton and Data gaps between standard movements are visually marked for movement differences, so that users can learn traditional dance anytime and anywhere.

The integration and innovation of Chinese traditional culture and digital technology has injected new vitality into Chinese traditional culture, helped to promote the construction of Chinese traditional culture, and improved the innovation and communication capabilities of Chinese traditional culture.

Chinese traditional dance is an important part of China's intangible cultural heritage, and it is the cohesion and continuation of the national spirit. In this project, dozens of traditional Chinese dances are recorded through motion capture technology, and computer technology is used to better display, promote and protect the rich culture of traditional dances. On this basis, this project also combines artificial intelligence with traditional dance to inject new vitality into traditional Chinese dance, so that users can directly participate in and learn traditional dance. This technology can also be used in martial arts and other movement-related activities. Protection and innovation of Chinese traditional culture.

Individual/Team Introduction:

Tian Feng is an associate professor and doctoral supervisor of Shanghai University. His main research direction is intelligent design.

Li Yuzhi, a postgraduate of Shanghai University.

Xuefei Wang is a postgraduate student of Shanghai University.

Zhu Yichen is a postgraduate student of Shanghai University.

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