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Digital Interactive HTML5 project Fantasy Tea House in Southern Song Dynasty

Project Overview:

Song Dynasty (960-1279) culture is a golden hallmark of East China’s Zhejiang province.

Based in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang province, Tianmu News initiated this project to showcase both Song Dynasty culture and tea culture, which is also a featured symbol of this province.

After more than a month of planning, scripting, designing, modeling, developing and testing, the Fantasy Tea House in Southern Song Dynasty: Who do you think is the most handsome tea master was online on Dec 23, 2021.

Core idea about this project is to present specific scenarios of tea-serving and tasting culture in Song Dynasty with characterized tea sets of that time. Each piece of tea set is given a distinctive personality, becoming 12 tea masters to guide users to travel back to the Southern Song Dynasty and experience tea culture.

Online and offline interaction is realized via this project. The virtual Fantasy Tea House is integrated with real scenes of the Confucius Temple in Hangzhou. AR technology provides unprecedented immersive experience to users.。

Innovative Highlights:

We adopted technologies including dynamic illustration, three-dimensional modeling and real-time dynamic rendering to showcase Song Dynasty culture.

In terms of visual effect, we presented a high-resolution 3D model of tea set in the Southern Song Dynasty on the small screen of mobile phone and provided users an immersive experience with ultra-wide picture and strong sense of depth.

In terms of interactive interface, we allowed users to interact across time and space, operate virtual scenes through gestures and experience the whole process of tea-serving culture in the Southern Song Dynasty in an immersive way.

When users reach the final part of this project, a personal poster is generated so that they can both download and share it with others, creating a hot topic via social media.

We extended the Fantasy Tea house offline, settling at the Confucius Temple in Hangzhou, and applied smartphones and AR glasses in product experience.

With large-space AR technology, users can follow virtual guidance to travel across life-like scenes, connecting the past, present and future.

We established a close-loop experience by planning, script writing, design and development and created a perfect match of virtual product with real scenes.

Business or Social Value

Once the project went online, it caught eyes of all walks of life. News agencies like Xinhua News shared this project on its official APP and China’s top commercial websites including Sina, Sohu and Tencent followed, reflecting the charm of this mobile-based multi-media project.

This project also wins recognition among professional tea culture researchers. Organizations like China National Tea Museum and China Tea Science Society reposted and forwarded this project via their official online platforms.

Researchers said that it provides an all-around and immersive experience of tea culture of Southern Song Dynasty, which is a better promotional method for the public to acquire knowledge on tea culture.

Cutting-edge technology creates online and offline immersive visual-audio experience, attracting users to participate and to further deepen their understanding of traditional Chinese culture.

The project managed to promote Chinese culture by integrating art and technology.

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