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Interactive AR System-Digital Intangible Cultural Heritage

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Project Overview:

As one of the four ancient civilizations, China has had traditional festival culture since the Shang and Zhou dynasties, and there are still a large number of outstanding cultural customs for thousands of years. When 5G, AR/VR, big data, artificial intelligence and other modern technological means are fully integrated into cross-scene, cross-time, and cross-regional digital touchpoints, traditional culture has been spread and promoted more widely due to the blessing of technology.

"From where" is about "where to go". The excellent Chinese traditional culture is broad and profound, and has a long history. Standing at the historical intersection of the "two centenary" goals, the common cultural background and spiritual wealth can condense a huge sense of identity and centripetal force, and the building of a cultural power cannot be separated from the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture. . Bole Information Digital Intangible Cultural Heritage AR interactive system is based on high-quality content and uses advanced AR technology to achieve efficient dissemination. It uses the light of civilization across time and space to ignite the deepest and most lasting endogenous power of the young generation, and inspire them to be broader and deeper. Cultural self-confidence.

"Digital Intangible Cultural Heritage AR Interactive System" is a digital AR interactive experience product for intangible cultural heritage that integrates software and hardware. The system integrates cutting-edge technologies such as face recognition, augmented reality, bone tracking, and Slam space scanning to help China’s excellent traditional culture come alive ,go out. The product includes digital intangible cultural heritage system host hardware and 11 digital intangible cultural heritage interactive software content. The content is fully integrated with my country's excellent traditional literature, and traditional culture is transformed into innovative digital. The content includes: pictures of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, arches of the glazed pagoda of Dabaoen Temple, awakening terracotta warriors and horses, jade cong, cloud copper forbidden, movable type printing, long live tongtian post, tie-dye, Zongqing Dragon Boat Festival, five thousand Chinese characters, Lingnan pressed flower, etc. Creative AR interactive content. Each type of interactive product is innovative, technological and interesting. The use of virtual reality immersive experience in intangible cultural heritage can diversify traditional cultural dissemination content and diversify the development of learning forms, span space and time, realize a cultural millennium roaming, and attract the younger generation of new technologies and new media forms, and promote excellent traditions. culture.

How the project uses digital technology to express the story:

"Digital Intangible Cultural Heritage AR Interactive System" breaks through the information-oriented, one-way viewing mode of traditional intangible cultural heritage, and presents the stories behind my country’s excellent traditional culture in immersive and experiential interaction. It uses the most advanced AR augmented reality, Face recognition, gesture perception and other technologies have allowed outstanding traditional cultural resources to "live" with the help of digital technology, and deepen cultural connotations through digital innovative expressions. Products can be widely used in science and technology museums, cultural centers, museums, children's palaces, schools and other application scenarios. Experiencers can stand in front of the screen and be in 3D virtual scenes with traditional cultural content in different scenes, travel through thousands of years, and experience the historical stories behind traditional culture.

The beauty of ancient wisdom-movable type printing

Movable type printing is one of the four great inventions of ancient China. It is the crystallization of the wisdom of the working people in ancient my country. It has been included in the list of intangible cultural heritages in urgent need of protection by UNESCO. The AR interactive content of "Movable Type Printing" takes you to experience the ingenuity of movable type printing. According to the missing Chinese characters in the poetry dial on the left, the experiencer selects the correct Chinese character in the positive word model on the right, and then paints it. Ink printing allows the experiencer to personally feel the charm of movable type printing. The culture needs to be passed on, because it is the lifeblood of the Chinese nation.

Commemorating the beauty of folklore-Zongqing Dragon Boat Festival

The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is China's first festival to be selected as the world's intangible cultural heritage. It originated from the dragon totem sacrificial activity. Experiencers put on ancient costumes, wear sachets, hang wormwood, repel insects and ants, eat rice dumplings, and sprinkle realgar wine. The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival that contains unique national spirit and rich cultural connotations. It is worth inheriting and protecting by each of us.

Precipitating the beauty of time-tie-dye

Tie-dyeing is a national intangible cultural heritage, as well as a folk traditional and unique dyeing process, with a history of about 1500 years. In the AR interaction of "Tie-Dye", the experiencer is in an ancient traditional tie-dyeing workshop, chooses dyes, tie the white fabric into the dyeing vat, and let it stand for one hour. After the dyed fabric is cut, you can surprise virtual dressing . Tie-dyeing is a craft that never fades in the intangible cultural heritage, and the intangible cultural heritage is a highlight of the splendid ancient Chinese culture.

The beauty of freeze-frame years-Lingnan pressed flowers

Lingnan pressed flower is an intangible cultural heritage in Tianhe District, Guangzhou. It originated in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. It was carefully designed to permanently freeze the spirituality and beauty of nature. During the interaction, the experiencer can pick flowers, make dried flowers, press flowers, dry them, and finally make a press flower painting of their own. Pressed flower art gives plants and flowers a second life, and Bole AR endows pressed flower culture with permanent blooming life.

Green landscape painting handed down from the world-a thousand miles of rivers and mountains

Bole AR Interactive reproduced the stretches of the "Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" within a short distance of the splendid mountains and rivers, the vast and long rivers of smoke, the serene pavilions and pavilions with winding paths, the secluded thatched cottages... the motherland's splendid mountains and rivers are unobstructed.

Combining with AR augmented reality technology, the experiencer is transformed into Song Huizong, soaring through the clouds and driving the fog, to see the thousands of miles of rivers and mountains under his control, touching the delicate and vivid grass and wood, each bird and one bird, one bird and one bird. The breeze is blowing, the birds are flying, the color is in the sky, the peach petals are flying in the forest, and people are swimming in the middle of the painting, freely enjoying the leisurely content of the prosperous age. Standing in front of the screen, the ancient scroll descended from the sky, the flying dragon hovered out of the painting, wearing a dragon robe and incarnation of Song Huizong, opening the scroll, the great Song Dynasty has a sweeping view of the rivers and mountains, waved to light up the mineral stone, painted the ink with green and green colors, and wandered in thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. , Listen to the original soundtrack, wave your hand, you can practice dancing in the sky, holding a piece of peach petals, gathering into a fairy peach, gently opening the treasure chest, gold and silver treasures, at this moment, indulge in imagination, and meet the self a thousand years ago .

Seven Wonders of the Medieval Century-Arches of the Liuli Pagoda of Dabaoen Temple

With AR augmented reality technology, you don’t have to go to Nanjing alone, but you can also see the majestic and majestic "Grand Baoen Temple Glazed Pagoda Arch" on the spot, glimpse the prosperity of the Ming Dynasty in the past, and feel the ingenuity and ingenuity of Yangyang China. strength.

Inside the arch of the Liuli Pagoda of Dabaoen Temple, you wave your hand to interact with the arch. The nine mysterious and gorgeous Buddhist dharma decorations carved on the arch are activated one by one, such as the Dapeng Golden Wing Bird, Dragon Girl, Capricorn Fish, Flying Sheep The five animals, the white elephant, miraculously reappeared and danced like elves, unspeakable, and conveying compassion, protection, relief, blessing, and goodwill to the experiencer. Being in such a fairy-tale world, I feel more than just unprecedented shock, moving, tranquility and warmth. The gorgeous and exquisite colored glazed pagoda arches descend from the sky. Place yourself in the arch and put your hands together. The ancient glazed pagoda arches are instantly activated, and the Buddha's light suddenly appears. They are different, one by one, they are located on both sides of the arch, wave their hands, summon the beasts to come out, interact with them, and are given the most sincere prayers.

Systematic content, extensive application scenarios, novel models

Multi-functional intelligence, support single experience, double PK, automatic photo taking

Support long-distance, gesture operation, one-person interaction and multi-person learning, to achieve open learning

Preset party building AR interactive content, support custom content import, and quickly build a smart party building activity room

Fast delivery in two days, connected to the display device for immediate use

Universally applicable to common LED screens, LCD screens, TV screens and other display devices

Apply cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality, bone tracking, and face recognition

Does the project have potential market applications? Where is the application and market value?

Under the guidance of the cultural power strategy, "Digital Intangible Heritage AR Interactive System" combines traditional culture with digital AR technology, restores traditional cultural stories, helps create demonstration applications of 5G+AR technology and the integration of cultural and tourism industries, and promotes the digitization of traditional tourism resources. Intelligent and innovative construction can be widely used in science and technology museums, museums, children's palaces, schools and other places in various provinces and cities across the country, and has a large market application. From May to July 2019, Bole Information Digital Intangible Heritage AR Interactive System launched the "Digital Intangible Heritage Innovation Inheritance" AR Experience Exhibition at Guan Shanyue Art Museum in Shenzhen. The exhibition period attracted 65,000 people to experience check-in and spread traditional culture; 2020 In 2015, the popular science campus activity of Bole Information "AR Makes Cultural Relics "Live"" went to Shenzhen Futian Elementary School, Hongling Middle School, Futian District Foreign Language School and many other schools, bringing students a sense of science and technology and interactive science popularization. Classroom, to create a new classroom form of education and teaching that is entertaining and entertaining. The innovative interactive experience of the digital intangible cultural heritage AR interactive system uses digital technology to promote traditional Chinese culture. The interactive experience form has a natural attraction to young people, and has great social value for innovation, inheritance, and promotion of excellent historical culture.

team introduction:

Zhu Wenzhen, Vice President of Shenzhen Augmented Reality Technology Application Association; Vice President of Art and Design Alliance of Chinese Culture Promotion Association, has successively started his own business. He has more than 7 years of experience in AR and VR industry, and possesses corporate structure governance, marketing management, mobile Internet and other fields Rich experience, "Successful Marketing" 2009 100 marketing elites. Operates the nation's largest catering O2O company, acquired by Tencent in 2012. Entered the AR/VR field in 2014 and has been repeatedly interviewed and reported by well-known media such as CCTV, CBN and other well-known media.

Li Enxiang Director and Deputy General Manager

More than 10 years of experience in the Internet industry, worked in Alibaba, Tencent E-commerce Holdings; more than 6 years of AR and VR industry marketing experience, Shenzhen Futian Yingcai, senior consultant of the Augmented Reality Technology Application Association; for the NBA, Costa Cruises, Coca-Cola, Shenzhen Public Security, and more than one hundred international and domestic customers provide AR marketing consulting services.

Qiyong Xue Product Manager

5 years of development experience, proficient in using Unity to develop AR/VR, familiar with WebAR development, understanding of 3D and rendering related knowledge; 2 years of product manager experience, familiar with various AR, VR, MR hardware, once responsible for the IKEA BESTA series of optional system projects , Including product planning, front-end research and development, and assisting all IKEA software launches in China.

Li Xiuming Planning Manager

He has 6 years of experience in the development of children's education products and 2 years of experience in the development of AR children's education products. Independently planned the cultural and tourism special education product "Cultural Tourism Fusion Database" project, carried out more than 200 offline exhibitions in libraries across the country; planned and completed "Life Natural Science Data Resource Database", "Dinosaur Planet" and other projects that passed the radio and television record review Developed a series of courses in science and mathematics for the "Beijing Teacher Leer" kindergarten.

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