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Cross-media panoramic sound interactive electronic music work "Hou Tu · Dust Return"

Project Overview:

In ancient times, the heavens and the earth were opened up, Nuwa Tuan the earth to create people, refine the stone to replenish the sky, and later generations worshipped the heaven and the earth. From the outside to ritual education, from the inside to rituals, all are closely related to air and soil. Houtu is a female god who dominates the mountains and rivers of the earth. The work uses clay voodoo drums as the main instrument to play. The sound is deep and moist, like the echo of the earth from the depths of the earth, combined with the panoramic sound real-time interactive electronic music technique to create. Use experimental pioneer audio colors to explain the strong ritual music. The visual part "Terracotta Warriors and Horses" is the deconstruction and reconstruction of the construction process of 3D printing nylon powder sintering technology, combining ancient Chinese clay sculpture art with modern digital media technology, and bringing everyone an auditory and visual feast.

Music part: The work is performed by the bamboo flute player and two percussionists. The sound of the bamboo flute is picked up in real time. Through the MAX algorithm composition program, electronic music such as Reverb, Atmos Delay, Filter, Low Frequency Format, etc. are performed on the sound of the bamboo flute. The technique is processed to change the timbre of the traditional national musical instrument of the bamboo flute, echoing the unique pottery timbre of the voodoo drum, exploring the combination of electronic and acoustic instruments to form a unique new timbre of the Chinese national musical instrument;

Sound design: the combination of panoramic sound and real-time electronic music algorithms, adopting 7.4.1 Dolby Atmos music soundscape layout, forming a holographic spatially positioned music soundscape combined with agile motion displacement, an innovative sound form with new structural power .

Stage performance: The combination of holographic yarn and LED screen is used to develop the three-dimensional depth of field effect on the stage. The dynamic quicksand in the foreground and the background layer image are combined. The actors play between the holographic yarn and the LED screen, breaking the stage performance form of the frame screen and forming a performance. The combination of virtual and real dance beauty combined with the effects presented in the scene, performed in the stage performance space.

How the project enhances the user experience:

At present, the project has expanded the three-dimensional depth effect of the stage through the combination of holographic yarn and LED screen, breaking the sensory experience of the traditional frame screen; in terms of music, there is also the sense of hearing of traditional folk tunes, using electronic music processing techniques to allow users to experience traditional Chinese folk instruments In terms of sound, on the basis of stereo interpretation of traditional music, the movement and displacement of electronic music are added, and users are placed in an immersive auditory sound field. These experiences will bring users completely A new synesthesia experience.

1. The work can continue to be developed and modified, and the work can be transplanted to the public art space, and 3D camera capture can be added. The captured 3D video information with depth of field and the holographic yarn presentation content can be superimposed or processed with visual effects to increase the user's Sense of participation

2. In the music part, an omnidirectional pickup can be added to extract and analyze the viewer's voice picked up on the spot, and process it with particle effects to follow the rhythm, pitch and tension of the original music part, forming a peculiar auditory connection feel;

3. In the stage presentation part, consider changing the holographic yarn and LED screen to multi-layer circular holographic yarn, using a combination of rear projection, ground projection and front projection to develop an immersive experience.

Does the project have potential market applications? Where is the application and market value?

1. Provide more sensory experiences and more forms of performances for art spaces and music performances, enrich the cultural and technological markets, and have the significance of popularizing aesthetic education for viewers;

2. Propaganda and promotion of traditional Chinese culture, so that more traditional Chinese national culture will go out and enter the world stage, requires more cutting-edge work presentation and creation techniques and aesthetic ideas, enhance national and cultural confidence, and lead the world in digital media Effective means of artistic aesthetics;

3. Build a highland of science and technology and culture in Shanghai, and promote the harmonious development of Shanghai.

Individual/Team Introduction:

Sun Ning, PhD in electronic music composition at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, young teacher at Shanghai Film Academy, and tutor for postgraduate students. Mainly engaged in film and television scoring, electronic music composition, cross-media interactive design and production. He has won the first prize of the Chamber Music Composition Competition of the Russian Composers Association, the "Science and Technology Progress Award" and the "He Luting Fund Award" issued by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government.

His works include film and television soundtracks, fixed media, interactive electronic music, audio-visual interaction, installations, etc. The works have been exhibited in many international and domestic art festivals. Creations include: electronic music "RENASCENCE" (2007) performed at European music festivals and German radio stations; sound installation "Jurassic Return" (2006) performed at Shanghai International Contemporary Music Week, audio-visual interaction "Polyphony of Dripping" (2018) ) Participated in the "Wings of Sound" art exhibition in the Aston Martin showroom; symphony "Jingxing·Dengge"; symphony "Nisuari" (2016) conducted by Zhang Liang, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra in Shanghai Symphony Orchestra music Hall performance; Symphonic and electronic "Ink and Wash"; chamber music "Meng Li-For Ten Performers" (2017) performed at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music; interactive electronic music "You Song" (2017) at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Concert Hall Performance; interactive electronic music "Paper Music" (2018) staged at the Greenland Art Center; auditory electronic music "Flowing"; chamber music "Shanghai Soundscape" (2019) Participated in the first prize of the St. Petersburg Composition Competition hosted by the Russian Composers Association; The electronic music "Sound of the World x0" (2020) produced by the Sustainability Alliance's opening ceremony has been well received by many mainstream media reports, etc.

In recent years, he has participated in a number of theater architectural sound field and electro-acoustic system design planning, creative sound engineering design and cross-media production of dramas, stage plays, musicals, etc. Design works have participated in Shanghai International Art Festival, Shanghai International Electronic Music Festival, Shanghai Spring International Music Festival, Shanghai International Contemporary Music Week, Beijing International Electronic Music Week, etc. Production includes: new media Peking Opera musical theater "Four Seasons of Love · White Lady", multimedia musical "Six Patriarch Huineng", off-Broadway musical "Murder Ballad", original musical "Legend of Amani Shahan", Audi Sports Fashion Club and more Soundtrack system, etc. Served as the artistic director and composer in the pioneering music cross-media theater "Invisible", undertook the digital media technical director and sound director of the large-scale stage creation project "Silk Road Ancient Rhyme" of the National Art Fund, and undertook the sound of the National Art Fund project "Guge" Director, wait.

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