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Chords of the Body

Project Overview:

Poor posture is an epidemic in modern society. Contemporary "head-down people" has become an increasingly serious label. The development trend of people's posture that is not optimistic makes us think deeply. When a colorful life is replaced by a small screen, there is a lack of greetings and communication between people, which will cause us to enter a gradually strange and indifferent society in the future. The theme of this project is Chords of the body, which is a sound and light installation. The work attempts to use the harmony of light and sound to guide the change of human body posture. Participants stretch their limbs to touch devices of different heights to trigger sound and light, and can cooperate with others to create different melody to enhance communication in the same space.

Individual/Team Introduction:

Graduate of the School of Digital Media Art of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Postgraduate of University of the Arts London.

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