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Chiyan Sound-Light-Visual Integrated Solution for Stage Design and Night Show

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Project Description:

The overall solution of ChiYan acousto-optic visual equipment is a comprehensive intelligent solution for stage, night tour, landscape and interaction. Cross border, security, cloud, high-speed, convenient, covering stage performance, landscape lighting, cultural tourism night tour, new media art interaction four technical fields.

Products for lighting, sound, projection, machinery, fountain, laser, code scanning interaction, city level building master control sub control, cloud system.

The service includes comprehensive system design, core equipment and software system.

What Speical to Enhance Audience Experience:

Chiyan's sound and light visual machinery solutions focus on convenient and effective project operation and equipment management. According to the actual situation of the project, it can be combined with Chiyan mobile control software, Chiyan intelligent management platform and other software products to customize simple, effective and fool-proof for customers. One-key operation project management system improves operation efficiency and reduces operation cost.

Potential Market Application

The overall solution of Chiyan Acousto-optic visual equipment, with Chiyan Acousto-optic visual equipment centralized control processor CJ-Server as the core hardware, integrates stage lighting, night tour management, landscape lighting, and interactive devices:

Stage lighting: Taking the leading flame light console as the core, YEL-NET network as the basis, combined with leading flame NPU/VPU series products, to provide reliable, powerful and stable lighting control solutions for the stage industry.

Cultural travel night tour: It can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation of the project, providing different solutions and operation interfaces, through wireless transmission system, Chiyan intelligent management platform, multi-scenic joint operation management, Chiyan audio and video player and other software and hardware products, Maximize user experience, improve operating efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

Landscape lighting: Mainly LED applications, using the leading flame LED main control server CLM-C1, built-in LED equipment control software CLM, simple operation, no output delay, easy for customer operation and management.

Interactive installation: Explore the integration of "art", "product" and "life" in a creative way. Based on Ethernet, it provides centralized control and management solutions for a variety of sound and light equipment, new media digital art installations, and art projects. Assist artistic creation.

Application Field

Holographic theater; digital theater/theatre digitalization/digital stage art effect; interactive/immersive theater experience; digital music experience/digital concert hall; dome theater/ring-curtain theater/flying theater; immersive theater experience; digital art experience/art Digital solutions for museums; digital museum experience/digital solutions for museums; digital intangible cultural heritage experience; interactive/immersive educational experience; other commercial/public spaces (such as parks, shopping malls, subways, etc.); brand/advertisement/ PR experience; fashion show/luxury display/fashion display

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