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CCTV National Treasury-Digital Experience Exhibition

Project Description:

Located on the east bank of the Xiuyuan River, OCT Joy Club, the immersive project is built based on the top IP of CCTV-National Treasure. It aims to create an immersive culture experience to trigger people's curiosity in exploring the Chinese traditional cuture and collect national culture heritage resources.

The first floor of the experience hall displays "Oriental Wisdom and Aesthetics" as the core creative concept. With more than 50 pieces of national treasure oxygen-enriched culture, it tells the traditional life wisdom of the Chinese people that lasts for thousands of years, and uses technology + art to reinterpret classical and aesthetics.

The "Time Theater" on the second floor of the experience hall is a multi-functional complex space, which is composed of national treasure-themed interactive mystery dramas and aesthetic education parent-child camps.


The product research and development team of the offline experience hall of "National Treasure" has assembled Junkan Culture of Xinrui Cultural Tourism Company, the expert team of "National Treasure" cultural museum, and the new media art and technology creation team of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, integrating exhibitions, performing arts, and mutual entertainment.The form of experience integrates various business formats such as aesthetic education, cultural and creative retail, and entertainment consumption.It aims to realize experiential consumption innovation through immersive digital interactive entertainment, educate people with aesthetics and culture, entertain and teach, and set a benchmark for new urban cultural tourism products in OCT.

Business or Social Value:

The "National Treasure·Oriental Wisdom" immersive exhibition creates a paradise-like cultural museum for the participants, leads the audience to unlock the genetic code flowing in the blood of the nation, travels through time and space to open the dusty treasure house of knowledge and culture, and realizes the aesthetic education of national treasures through the appeal of entertainment culture.Fully experience the charm of Chinese culture.With the means of technology + art, it reinterprets the oriental aesthetic system of the fusion of classical and modern.

The overall space is composed of several national treasure boxes interlaced and staggered.The inspiration of the tour movement line comes from the spatial characteristics of classical gardens.At the same time, "media architecture" elements such as perspective windows and corridors are used to create more interesting perspectives.The movable veil and temporary stage in the theater bring many possibilities for the performance of the repertoire.The veils in different directions are either discrete or enclosed, thereby creating a brand new performing arts space, stimulating the audience's visual experience, bringing different psychological feelings, and breaking through the way of watching dramas in traditional theaters.

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