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"Bull Corridor"

Project Overview:

fanyi :With the development of science and technology, digital media technology, interactive lighting technology has been widely applied to the art platform - Digital Media Art Theater, art media art installation, digital media exhibition space and so on. NBA is the pursuit of every sports fan in his life. The original intention of this work is to express our love for something in our own way. The red color used in the work is taken from the main color of the NBA bulls. The structure of the lamp is square. The lighting changes with the story line and structure of the music, including the opening fun of "Tetris", the flash of "players entering", the feeling of running in the meteor shower, the countdown of the moment of "kill" and so on. This work is a cross-border work combining science and technology with music, space, architecture and other art fields. Through the combination of lighting and music, and through the setting off of the space mirror, the audience can be drawn into a kind of real and illusory space, and feel the magic of immersive space and the charm of the combination of science and technology and art.

The wave of digital art and the combination of technology and art provide more ideas for artistic creation. The work "Bull Corridor" is created and designed based on this background.

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