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Boat on Ocean

Project Overview:

This work blends the connotations of Oriental mythology and historical philosophy with modern science and future conception, radiates new imagination, and creates a new discourse of Oriental aesthetics. This series of works uses the expression way of multi-media narrative, the film mainly uses parallel montage and loop-like layer structure narrative, through the narrative conceptual content to emphasize the narrative symbolic image "art utopia" meditation.

Innovative Highlights:

Based on CG film output, combined with interactive immersive space, real-time rendering interactive motion capture, online LIVE, AR,VR and other ways of multi-media presentation.

Content, artistic utopia as the selected topic background, the digital images as its leading role, will form a supporting character imagery scene, and coexistence of parting into chaos and order form, explore various forms of combination of video image, with an active life in its intended to rebirth in crisis and in the acceptance of the meditation of the life of its own, Through the use of modern science and technology to reproduce the "light" of art, continuous reflection and reflection.

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