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Ancient Sound of Dunhuang

Project Description:

The large-scale immersive performance "Ancient Sound of Dunhuang" is supported by the Central Propaganda Department, planned by the Propaganda Department of the Gansu Provincial, co-produced by Gansu Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd., produced by Guangzhou GTD Culture Industry Development Co., Ltd., and Hainan OCT Cultural Performing Arts Co., Ltd.

"Ancient Sound of Dunhuang" brings ancient Dunhuang music back to life, that has been lost for thousands of years.

Various traditional musical instruments, such as camel bells, sitars, five-stringed pipa, se found and recovered from Dunhuang murals, played together with exotic musical instruments, such as sattars and edeks, accompanied by flying dancers, creates a grand and magnificent picture of ancient Dunhuang. The audience of the show feel like as if traveling back to ancient Dunhuang a thousand years ago.

Innovative Highlights

"Ancient Sound of Dunhuang" presents ancient Dunhuang music, dance, poetry, and paintings through high-tech multimedia means, such as music, video, lighting, stage machinery and so on. Combined with actors' performances, it comprehensively displays the research of Dunhuang ancient musical instruments and musical books. The show reproduces the scenes of ancient Dunhuang and makes the audience feel like as if they have experienced a journey through time.

The walking-and-watching immersive performance form breaks the previous standard stage performing form, and allows the audience to experience Dunhuang culture at a very close distance with immersive experience. It is hoped that this show can keep the cultural and artistic characteristics of Dunhuang as it is, so that the world can appreciate the charm of Dunhuang culture. "

"Ancient Sound of Dunhuang" initiated the industry's first "mobile theater + show" form, breaking the traditional fixed stage performance form. The theater is the first immersive mobile theater in China, with a total area of 2,600m², with more than 200 days for show production, and 723 hours of theater installation with an engineer team of 117 people. This innovative "movable theater" has no location restrictions and can be toured across the country. The audience can fully experience the beauty of Dunhuang culture without going to Dunhuang.

"Mobile Theater + Show" style also changed the conventional static display way of cultural relics. The show has combined ancient Dunhuang music, dance, poetry, and murals with live performances combined with holographic projection, 3D tech, lighting and other immersive tech means to display historical cultural relics in a vivid and lively way, allows the audience to watch the exhibition during the performance and understand the ancient Dunhuang culture in a new way.

Business Value or Social Value:

The show has been in theater for 23 days, with 58 consecutive performances. It is truly a new highlights of cultural consumption in China and promoting day+night continuous consumption in tourism industry.

The show has been reported by China central government website, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency and other state media of China. The show has won "China Best Tourism Industry Innovation Award" of the 9th China Tourism Investment Itia Ceremony, which is known as the Oscar of China Tourism industry. "Ancient Sound of Dunhuang" finally stood out from all the nominees, fully reflected the innovation of "Culture + Technology".

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