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"A Thousand Miles of Countryside Map 3.0" Digital Art IP

Project Description:

The project is based on the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed by the Palace Museum and Phoenix Satellite TV in 2016, and is elaborately produced by Phoenix Digital Technology. The Phoenix Digital Technology team spent two full years to create the 36-meter-long, 6-meter-high "A Thousand Miles Landscape 3.0". With the same vigor and imagination, the young people in science and technology use real-time layered rendering of the 3D engine technology to create 3D models of the original paintings, mountains, buildings and other elements. The original works are presented in high definition according to the four themes of "walking, swimming, looking, and dwelling." The meticulous pen and ink, using methods such as multi-channel camera fusion, arc curtain setting system, seasonal environment conversion, etc., made more than 100 groups of mountains, more than 200 ships, more than 500 characters and animals in the painting "moved". , Let the audience experience the beauty and magnificence of China's mountains and rivers three-dimensionally. Shows the viable, travelable, hopeful, and habitable aesthetic conception in "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains", conveys the philosophical idea of ​​the unity of nature and man in this masterpiece handed down, and arouses the audience's understanding of man and nature, man and society, and man. Thinking about living in harmony in the heart, and promoting the inheritance, development and reconstruction of traditional culture in the new era.

The project is mainly composed of the dynamic digital scroll of "Taiping Jiangshan", the interactive project "A Thousand Miles of Fantasy", "The Heart of the Landscape", "The Painting of Thousand Mountains", and the H5 interactive project "Kite Dance". The project deeply excavates and expands the cultural connotation contained in the cultural relics, and uses technology to make the cultural relics "rejuvenate. Real-time layered rendering technology, high-tech sensing technology, etc." "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains", an eternal masterpiece, "moved", making the Northern Song Dynasty The green mountains and rivers are vividly in front of you, early morning, dusk, night, rain and fog, showing the beautiful scenery of high mountains, waterfalls, cruise travelers, and smoke and waves. "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains 3.0" started from the first exhibition in Macau and was invited to be exhibited in many places. Start a dream of green landscapes and bring a wonderful experience of audio-visual touch to the local audience. The project uses high-tech to enable the audience to realize the immersive and strong interactive experiential viewing of the exhibition, while gaining more knowledge and love Chinese traditional culture enhances cultural self-confidence.

Project highlights:

1. Multi-channel 3D camera matrix fusion, deviating from the traditional 2D digital representation of ancient paintings, is committed to the true use of 3D cameras for rendering production, enhancing the perspective of the picture, and enhancing the immersive experience.

2. The arc-shaped track setting is separated from the plane setting method of traditional ancient paintings and adopts the arc-shaped setting. On the one hand, it restores all the contents of the entire painting, and on the other hand, it gives the experiencer a more realistic sense of reality during the movement.

3. Seasonal time-slot system, break away from the static environment of the original painting, make and dynamically convert the different seasons and time-slot environment of the painting.

4. The multi-person interaction system, deviating from the traditional appreciation concept of "only viewing from a distance", gives the experiencer plenty of free space to interact with the painting. During the interaction, the experiencer can change the content of the painting through his own behavior

Commercial or social value:

1. The commercial value adopts the IP authorization model to cooperate with the majority of designers and designer teams to jointly develop derivatives, establish a new media art college to cultivate professional compound talents for the industry, incubate and co-create a new product series based on cultural relic experience, and realize Derivative development, copyright income, international development, etc. income of 2 million yuan; the establishment of "A Thousand Miles of Jiangshan Map 3.0" IP special exhibition, IP theme pavilion two products, realize ticket revenue and commercial sponsorship, cultural space content implantation, and commercial tourism within three years Real estate and other landing/joint operations are expected to earn 21 million yuan.

2. Social value This project uses science and technology to drive the development and prosperity of culture, so that the cultural relics stored in the museum will come alive and go out, and the national treasure-level famous paintings will be built into the top digital cultural IP. The integration of digital interactive technology and culture has ushered in new opportunities for the development of the cultural industry and opened up new space for Chinese culture to go out. At the same time, it uses the Phoenix All Media Matrix platform to create a top-level digital cultural IP with great communication value.

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