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Immersive Show-Dragon Gate

Project Overview:

The Supreme Longmen Immersive Experience Hall is an IP of Longmen Grottoes cultural tourism created by Longmen Tourism Group and Dalian Botao Culture. The overall investment is 30 million and it covers an area of 1,000 square meters.The combination of culture and digital technology, with the help of multi-dimensional means to activate the cultural display form, presents a naked-eye 5D audio-visual feast, and provides tourists with a new cultural and tourism experience.

Business Value of Social Value:

1. "Supreme Dragon Gate" has been successfully built from a secondary elimination project into a hot-selling project in Longmen Grottoes scenic spot. It is the most representative immersive experience project among the light-weight investment in the activation of IP in traditional scenic spots in China. It has become a youth tourism project in Luoyang City.In the future, the holy place of check-in will become a cultural landmark of the region, and drive the cultural gathering and industrial development of the region.

2. "Supreme Dragon Gate" combines the advantages of light investment, strong immersion, large tourist carrying capacity, strong cultural and artistic expression, good visual experience, and conforms to the characteristics of new media communication. It is an immersive experience project for scenic spot upgrades or plansThe investors provide a brand new solution.

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