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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

project description:

The “Light of the Holy Fire” art sculpture is located in Beigongmen, Haidian District, Beijing. The world’s first light science and technology museum is the first domestic dynamic light sculpture art. The total height is 12.8 meters, the base diameter is 2 meters, the largest diameter in the middle is 3 meters, and the total weight. 19 tons. It integrates artistry and landscape into one, innovates the visual effects of urban landscape during the day, detonates cultural experience at night, and forms a popular destination and tourist attraction for citizens. It will become a new coordinate of night economy, a new focus of tourism economy, and a new urban economy. Highlights.

Program features:

The "Light of the Holy Fire" art sculpture is based on the burning torch, combined with the elegant and streamlined characteristics of natural elements such as flowers and water droplets. The upright and upright modeling features imply development, pioneering and enterprising. , The meaning of its adult objects implies brightness, beauty and elegance.

As night falls, the color temperature and color of the light, along with the rhythm of the smart, interprets the symphony of the fog forest, the illusion, and the water system. The sacred light art installation presents a bright and colorful artistic perception in the perfect interaction, and has a very rich Expand expressiveness, bring immersive dream-like live experience to the audience, and add a bright color to the regional space.

The "Light of the Holy Fire" art sculpture has 36 levels, of which 34 levels are independent action institutions, which can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. The work is a dynamic sculpture, which is different from the static single attribute of the previous static sculptures. The combination of layers of rotating structures is ever-changing, presenting a variety of aesthetics for the audience. It implies seeking truth from facts and advancing with the times.

The performance is divided into two forms, day and night, and each performance lasts for 3-5 minutes. In the daytime, the interpretation shows different forms of sculptures in a combination of opening and closing, rotation, etc. The night performance combines the internal lighting, ambient lighting, music, etc. to perform the show. Between opening and closing, it implies the civilization story of the birth, prosperity, prosperity and return of human beings and cities.

A large number of new materials, new ideas, and new technologies are adopted, and dozens of cutting-edge light and mechanical technologies, such as internal light transmission, flood light, underground light, laser light, landscape light, fog forest, music, and mechanical movement, are used comprehensively. The process realizes independent research and development, original design, self-construction, and independent operation, creating a high-level visual art feast for cities, scenic spots and commercial complexes.

Integrating interdisciplinary technologies such as digital programming, motion control, graphic pixels, visual art and music performance, combining music, light and shadow special effects, and mechanical motion, interpreting various dynamics such as curves, curved surfaces, planes, text and three-dimensional patterns, and providing customization The personalized, menu-style and personalized immersive light and shadow experience and services allow urban culture to interact with the audience more closely.

The design life of the product is 50 years, and the service life is not less than 30 years. The foundation is made of concrete structure, which can achieve the functions of wind resistance above 10, seismic and waterproof, self-deicing, and lightning protection. Through scientific overall structural design and calculation , To create a never-ending feast of light and shadow art for the city.

Applicable scene:

Cultural tourism real estate, scenic spots, urban public spaces, commercial complexes, etc.

Market value:

The “Light of the Holy Fire” art sculpture, with its unique visual art and aesthetic value, has become an internet celebrity check-in destination for contemporary artists and urban youths and a spiritual landmark of the city. It has become the “new coordinate” of the city’s night economy, which can extend the consumption time of tourists and drive Secondary consumption, peripheral consumption, and related consumption can effectively gather popularity, wealth and culture.

Create a new focus of artistic aesthetics with the help of cool technology, lead the new fashion of urban destination cultural tourism and night travel, release the potential value of tourist destinations, detonate new methods of urban brand marketing, sports sculptures during the day, make people shine; supplemented by sound at night Photoelectric interpretation, keep young people's night burning!

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