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Immersive VR Cycling

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Project Overview:

The "Magic Riding" project combines VR technology, bicycles and 5D equipment to achieve two-way support for games and fitness, and combines it with Chinese culture and red education to create a cross-border integration, experience-oriented, and highly additional " The brand-new four-in-one mode of "game + fitness + cultural experience + education".

The hardware of this product is modified by using the existing bicycle architecture, with optional joysticks, buttons, and swipe card login modules installed to provide users with more convenient human-computer interaction. Sensors on the device obtain real-time cycling data such as speed and direction, interact with VR game content in real-time, and simulate body fluctuations, wind changes, and item friction during game riding, giving users a 5D immersive riding experience .

In the game section, this product has set up three game tracks, with many different scenarios under each track, and provides multi-user online real-time competition options. The fitness and fat burning track, with the bizarre sci-fi city as the background, gives users a stimulating sensory experience and inspires fitness enthusiasm; the cultural experience track, with the ancient Chinese historical sites as the background, allows users to experience the scenery and charm of China's great rivers and mountains along the way; The red education track is based on major events in the century since the founding of the party. It is a combination of education and fun, combined with contemporary historical backgrounds, and enhances users’ red genes.

In order to cooperate with the hardware part of the data information and enhance the interaction between the software and hardware, in addition to the basic information in the track such as up and downhill, signs, etc., acceleration time reduction props, portals, checkpoints, trampolines, and pedestrians have also been added. And other content.

This product has a good product ecology, makes full use of the Internet, and connects users, businesses and the company through the development of small programs and WeChat official accounts. Users socialize and create, understand fitness knowledge, merchants purchase products, obtain company product maintenance, technical training and other services, thereby forming a complete intelligent fitness ecological closed loop.

The vision of this project is:

Solve boring, bring new fitness methods; upgrade technology, customize new sensory experience. So as to achieve the goal of exercising the national physique, relaxing the user's body and mind, feeling the development of China's science and technology and the charm of cycling, and contributing to the "Healthy China 2030".

Immersive, innovative new forms of cultural experience; entertaining and entertaining, providing new ideas for red education. The project uses immersive experience and cooperatively customizable strategies to spread Chinese traditional culture and local characteristic culture, and achieve the role of promoting local tourism and helping farmers and poverty alleviation; patriotism education is carried out in an innovative way of VR games + 5D to help " "Four History" learning.

How to Use Digital Technology to Tell Story:

1. In line with the development of the times: This product seizes the opportunities of the times, pays attention to the most cutting-edge technological development and demand changes, and integrates the latest elements of the times into the product; keeps up with the pace of the times, and launches the red education route on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China With the local customization function of cultural experience, simple riding has more "added value" and bright business cards of the times, so that it has very high scalability, higher and richer experience value and reflects the characteristics of the times. Social value.

2. Innovative combination of 5D equipment and VR technology: This product uses bicycles and VR equipment for riding games, and innovatively adds 5D equipment to exercise bikes to maximize the simulation and restoration of the riding environment; the riding conditions in the VR screen Corresponding to the actual conditions of the bicycle in real time, giving full play to the immersive experience of VR. The combination of VR and 5D will bring users the best riding experience, and make the product extremely innovative and valued in the times.

3. Make full use of innovative technology: This product is an active exploration in the field of fitness industry and culture and education, and has diversified significance. It fully embodies the characteristics of cross-border integration, innovation-driven, restructuring, and open ecology, and injects new kinetic energy of the Internet and innovative technology into the fitness industry and the cultural and educational industry.

4. Online program expansion: develop and utilize online WeChat mini programs and official accounts to provide users and businesses with precise services: fully connect companies, users and businesses.

Potential Market Value of Commercial Value:

Our products have a variety of profit methods and have extremely high commercial value. Our main business income includes the sale and leasing of hardware products and membership registration commissions. Our company will send people to visit each VR gym to promote it, and achieve profit through sales, rental and other methods. In terms of sales methods, the company can sell products through an online app designed by itself, and complete order transactions with gym merchants and individual users online. In addition to the rental and sale of hardware products, our platform will extract a certain percentage of service fees from each VR fitness user membership registration, and members will experience richer game content. Revenue from e-commerce platforms and revenue from data and information are the company's other two profit methods. In the software, we provide an online shopping mall as a B2C e-commerce platform, and users can obtain a corresponding number of points after completing each VR fitness consumption. Points can be used to redeem coupons and purchase fitness products in the mall. With the increasing number of users on the platform, users' consumption tendencies and fitness preferences will become valuable data information. At that time, the platform can provide business solutions for companies in need according to the characteristics of the user group and the construction of its own CRM system, and obtain a certain amount of data and information income. In addition, advertising revenue and personalized customization revenue can also be used as part of the company's revenue sources.

Our VR fitness game provides three types of tracks, namely fat burning fitness, cultural experience and red education. Therefore, in terms of social value, our products first promote national fitness, which is conducive to improving national fitness and health; second, publicize historical sites, aiming to promote traditional national culture and enhance national identity; third, promote red education and experience the Red Army. The hard road to climb the snow-capped mountains and across the grass, reminiscing about the tragic years. Our products give the game maximum practical significance, create social value, and entertaining and learning.

Individual/Team Biography

Product Manager--Zhang Yuxiao (male), major in e-commerce and law, has rich project management experience, and serves as monitor. Won the second prize of Beijing Challenge Cup and the second prize of "Internet +".

Copywriting planning team member 1 -

Li Yixuan (female), good at copywriting and writing, proficient in various business model analysis, business planning book writing, professional ranking seventh, won the first prize of Beijing e-commerce competition.

Team member 2 - Wang Haoguang (male), major in e-commerce, good at writing business planning and analysis of corporate finance and financing, ranking first in comprehensive professional, national scholarship.

Hardware and software and hardware interaction group:

Team member 1 - Wen Ziyu (male), good at project management and hardware technology, with rich Arduino project development experience. Ranked 1% in majors, won two national scholarships, and served as the monitor of the squad.

Team member 2-Fang Zitong (female), proficient in C++, java programming language, WeChat program development and Arduino, FPGA hardware programming. Professional ranking 1%, the second prize of the National Physics Experiment Competition, and a national scholarship.

VR and Unity programming group:

Team member 1-Gao Xinyu (male), major in digital media art, proficient in 3D Max, Maya. He has extensive modeling experience and ranks first in his profession.

Team member 2-Jin Jinghao (female), proficient in using PS, AE and other image processing software, and has rich experience in UI design. Ranked second in majors, second-class scholarships, outstanding individuals from student organizations and other awards.

Team member 3 - Wang Haotian (male), Unity basic development, video editing, software engineering project management and testing. Ranked fourth in majors, three excellent students, first-class scholarships.

Team member 4-Bao Mingzhe (male), Unity development, VR implementation, rich project experience.

Game Design Team:

Team member 1-Zhang Yuqi (male), the e-commerce professional squad leader, conducts game planning and finalizes the game mechanism.

Team member 2-Huang Xinyao (female), game planner, game content planner.

UI Interface Display

Hardware display

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