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Expert Tips for Highly Accurate Booking Betting for Newbies in 2024

While booking betting might not be the primary type of wager, many bettors still prioritize it when they want to place bets. So what strengths does this form of betting bring to participants, and what experience do you need to win in your first bet? Let's refer to the article from win tips bet to get a clear answer.

Concept of Booking Betting

On the live football betting odds board, booking betting, also known as Total Booking, differs from Asian handicap and over/under bets as it's a supplementary type of wager offered by bookmakers. The player's task when participating in this type of bet is to predict the number of cards the referee will draw, whether it's higher or lower than a certain number set by the bookmaker.

Some betting boards further divide into yellow card and red card bets, while some combine them into booking betting. Additionally, you might see this type of bet displayed in both full match and first-half betting. Depending on different times, online bookmaker will offer odds for this type of bet.

Various Forms of Booking Betting Seen on Betting Boards

Usually seen on bookmakers' betting boards, this type of betting will be divided into many variations based on the three main forms of betting today. They are:

Asian Booking Betting

With Asian handicap betting, bookmakers will provide a handicap odds for the underdog team. With this definition, you can understand that Asian booking betting predicts the difference in the number of cards between two teams. After applying this handicap, bettors need to predict which side will receive more cards.

Booking Over/Under Betting

Similar to over/under betting in football betting, bookmakers' experts will give you a number indicating the total number of cards both teams will receive in the match. If you choose this type of booking bet, your main task is to predict whether that number will be higher or lower than the actual number.

Specifically, if you believe both teams will receive more cards than the number set by the experts, bet on Over. Conversely, if you think the actual number might be lower than the bookmaker's over/under line, bet on Under.

First Booking Betting

The first booking bet predicts which team will receive the first booking from the referee in the match. With this type of betting, we don't need to be concerned about the total number of cards; instead, bettors have two choices: the away team or the home team, with a 50% chance of winning.

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Last Booking Betting

Similar to the first booking betting, you have to choose which team will receive the last booking. Because of its ease, this type of bet usually has relatively low odds offered by bookmakers. With a winning rate of 1/2, this is definitely a safe choice for beginners.

How to Bet on Booking to Win from the First Time

With the introduction of various booking betting forms above, you basically understand how to play this type of bet. To ensure safety and increase your chances of winning, you should consider some betting methods below:

Choose the Appropriate Side

Of course, to win, players must choose the appropriate side for the match. However, the important thing is how to choose the winning side. Based on the information collected, determine which team is more likely to receive more bookings. Then analyze to choose the appropriate betting side for each type of bookmaker.

Analyze Team Information

By analyzing information about the two teams, including player form and characteristics, you will know which bet is worth betting on. Typically, the characteristics of the players are the most important factor for players to easily determine when placing bets. Not to mention, in critical situations, they may accept bookings to create scoring opportunities.

Understand the Main Referee

The referee is the one who issues the bookings, so you must know the referee's characteristics before placing bets on this type of betting. If they are lenient, they may overlook basic fouls. But with a strict referee, they may frequently issue bookings for unacceptable fouls.


In this article, Wintips has shared with you the content related to booking betting in football. Hopefully, with this useful information, bettors will win valuable prize money in their next betting. Good luck!


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