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NOUS Sonic Augmented Listening

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Project Overview:

NOUS sonic is an interactive audio system that lets you control digital sounds through motion in space. The system experiences sound individually and interactively - far better than any audio guide can do. It conveys three-dimensional auditory and multimedia experiences for museum visitors and is a live-set-up tool that allows real-time creation and placement of audio exhibits. Moving around the room/exhibition space or turning your head causes sounds to be triggered or stopped; tonality, volume, and angle of sound sources then change. By centimeter-accurate and motion-sensitive localization of the user, the operation of a human ear is digitally replicated and supplemented. Everything audible and so far unknown can be experienced immersively via the NOUS sonic headphones.

What Special

The visitor areas are equipped with UWB-antennas. By detailed location data of indoor location receiver UWB-Technology, the combination of indoor position & head alignment can be accurately determined to within 10cm. A Real-World-Orientation-Sensor used in robotics to determine position, inclination, rotation, or orientation is built into the NOUS sonic headphones. When the Configurator app is connected or paired with a NOUS sonic headphone, it can be used to walk through the created immersive audio scenarios. This allows curators & artists to customize the audio experience in real-time on-site.The specially designed and built-in lightweight module (<100g) fits on any headphones. Sonic AIO (All in One) renders the sound right into the module, no other devices are needed.

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