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Flexibility of Swisstech Convention Center-Gala System

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Project Overview:

Winner of the 2016 and 2019 “Best Convention Center” Award, the SwissTech Convention Center is an iconic facility offering conference delegates from around the world the opportunity to meet differently.Opened in 2014 and characterized by its unique design and Gala Venue innovative technology, this large, modular, ultramodern building is flexible and scalable. With a total capacity of 3,000 seats and fully modular meeting rooms, the SwissTech easily meets the future needs of international congress organizers for maximum event openness and simultaneity. The SwissTech Convention Center distinguishes itself from other major congress centers by its flexibility and adaptable capacity.

What Special:

The architecture of the building allows three auditoriums to become one as a large space, which can hold 3,000 people for large events; Or it can be divided into three separate units, which can be used to hold small-scale activities simultaneously or continuously. The number of seats in each auditorium can be changed within minutes via a single-person handle. The modularity is based on two mechanisms: movable wall systems and Gala Venue technology (designed and supplied by Gala Systems). The changing layout creates optimized spaces that provide perfect sight lines, and balance the distance between the different activity platforms.

Commercial or Social Value:

In the center of mega-city, where land is expensive, it would be a huge waste to build a theater or conference hall that can only serve a single purpose. If it could fit for a stage play, a concert, a press release, a major conference, and so on, its usage and value can be fully developed. Gala Systems is the company that invented and practiced this technology. Not only can realize a variety of functions, but also can carry out rapid venue transformation. Art and commerce are perfectly integrated in the same space. With their patent Gala Venue (automotive transformable seating system), a venue can be completely transformed in 5 to 15 minutes. The size, capacity and configuration of a space can accommodate any type of event and show -- be it cultural or commercial -- and cater to any type of audience. Gala Systems makes all this a reality.

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