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Fitness Technology-LAZR

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Project Description:

WHO estimates about 54 billion dollar the annual spending in health, because people don’t do enough sport. 39% of adults are overweight and 13% reaching obesity worldwide. Obesity tripled in 40 years and keeps growing. (WHO). The lack of physical activity is one of the key factor of the trend. How do you help people to move more when they dont like sport?

You gamified their experience. You base your training on fun and you push its cardio potential to make it more efficient.

The LAZR equipment use the fun of laser tag and add key features to make the user move more. We create the best gamified fitness experience.

What Special:

Our equipment is composed by a Shooting Handle, adaptable for every hand that invites the fitness in.

When hit, the user needs to move (burn calories) to reactivate itself. The Holster and handle are wifi connected (no cable, allowing a free range of movement). The equipment tracks all the user data for a fully connected experience.

We license a fun, connected and competitive cardio training method to fitness, personal coach, hotels and sport centres. Our offer includes a wearable using laser technologie (Handle+ Holster), a managing software and a user mobile application.

Team Biography:

Philippe and Lucie are French, married and sport athletes. In 2011, they discovered laser tag and started to go multiples times every weeks. 2 things happened, they became very good at it and they started to loose weight. They realised that the activity was very efficient in weight loss but was not marketed as it. They started to redesigned the equipment (making it sport appropriated: light, efficient, clean...) and found Raphael, an engineer who started to work on making it a reality. (2014).

In 2017/2018, they realised a market testing in Los Angeles where they build a sport arena (parkour inspired) and welcomed thousand of user to test the product. In 2018, they came back to Switzerland where they perfected the wearable.

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