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Digital Scent Techonlogy

Project Description:

The first digital scent technology R & D enterprise in China, through summarizing the odor classification methods, built more than 3000 odor codes in odor database, and realized the digitalization, network transmission and terminal play of odor.

Odor kingdom is the first high-tech enterprise in China to research and develop digital scent technology. Based on the core technology of digital smell, the company provides systematic solutions for various application scenarios that need odor.

Through the integration of nanotechnology and precision micro control technology and other emerging technologies, the R & D and application of products can be comprehensively improved. The odor device developed can be supplemented with different carriers to reproduce the accurate olfactory experience. At present, it has applied for and obtained more than 110 patents in various levels of national invention, utility model and appearance structure, such as special odor release device, odor transmission, digital coding sorting system, etc.

Odor Kingdom plans to gradually form a complete industrial chain with technology as the core, from hardware development, third-party components, industry solutions, offline experience stores to digital odor content output. It has been applied in film and television, automobile, retail, daily chemical, education, culture and tourism, virtual reality and other industries.

How to Use Digital Technology to Enhance Unser Experience:

It is the first large-scale research on basic odors such as odor collection, classification, encoding, and decoding to form the underlying odor database and open it to various application scenarios.

The odor is restored and reproduced by means of smart hardware to realize the upgrade of human sensory experience. Combining with the existing audiovisual senses, it forms an integrated experience of vision, hearing, smell and other senses.

Potential Market Application

  • "Holographic Theater/Holographic Cinema/Holographic Show"

  • "Interactive Theater"

  • "Immersive Theater (Dome/Ring/CAVE/Flying, etc.)",

  • "Immersive Film and Television Experience",

  • "Branding/Advertising/Public Relations Experience" ,

  • "Fashion Show/Fashion Show"

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