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Mixed Reality Entertainment-SymArea

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Project Overview:

SymArea is a mixed reality (MR) display area that connects MR headsets with other breathtaking entertainment technologies. Hence we are creating a symphony of the senses with holograms and projection mapping, surround sound, light shows, odor simulators and haptic feedback elements.Our network code combines these technologies. This takes the MR experience to a highly immersive level.The technologies are embedded in modular wall systems. When assembled, these result in an area in which a wide variety of experiences can be experienced.The SymArea has a modular structure and can be setup in any size. This makes it suitable for a variety of business cases, such as trade fairs, show rooms, museums, arcades, fun parks and many more.

What Special:

In addition to the possibility of creating immersive multi-media experiences that have never been seen before, the innovation of our product lies in the modularity of the tech elements.On the one hand this means the haptic modularity of the wall elements, but also the generic modularity of the network code. All modules can be freely combined with one another. Our toolkit also makes it possible to create experiences for the SymArea quickly, cheaply and easily.With this concept, the SymArea can be used for a large number of business cases, because the area can be setup in any size and can be connected with various MR headsets.This is our approach of a scalable, immersive, interactive digital solution for entertainment, gaming, museums, exhibits, advertising and retail experiences.

Potential Market Value:

We are planning a two-track business model with our SymArea:1. License-based distribution at LBE locations2. Individual creation of experiences for brand experiences (point-of-sale, trade fair, show rooms, etc.)The license-based model is scalable because the same product (SymArea & Entertainment-Experiences) can be sold to LBE customers worldwide.We expect a potential annual turnover of 1.6 million euros in 3 years.The individual creation of experiences, on the other hand, is heavily dependent on the order situation. Forecasts are difficult to predict here, but annual sales in the six-figure range are also possible here.

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