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Dark Ride Performance

Project Overview

Dazu has a long history, outstanding people, and beautiful mountains and rivers. It was built in the first year of Qianyuan in the Tang Dynasty (758 AD), and it was named after "Dafeng Dazu". From the late Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty for nearly 400 years, Dazu has always been the seat of the Changzhou government and one of the political, economic and cultural centers in eastern Sichuan. Profound cultural accumulation is the core competitiveness of Dazu tourism, and it is also the city's attractiveness. Here are the world cultural heritage Dazu Rock Carvings, as well as many world-class historical and cultural resources, which are well-deserved business cards of Chongqing tourism.

The project adapted measures to local conditions and took advantage of cultural advantages to create an epic stone carving master theme show. Ingenious use of high-tech + multimedia means, with scene creation, interactive mechanical devices, live performances, atmosphere special effects and other content, the virtual scene and real themes are perfectly combined. At the same time, the creative design combining dark riding and walking riding enriches the audience's immersive experience in the performing arts. With the ups and downs of the plot setting, the cold stone carvings are exchanged with color and tension, allowing visitors to experience a broad and profound culture. , Experience the unique charm of Dazu's great craftsman spirit, and feel the regional cultural legend of "Dazu Dazu". The world-class first stone carving culture and ingenuity as the theme of large-scale scientific and technological interpretation show. Bringing together eight major themes and exciting performances, creating a shocking experience of a hundred people. Through the extraction and activation of Dazu culture, the unique cultural image and visual symbols of the tourism industry in Dazu area are formed;

The project will traverse history, lead tourists into Zhao Zhifeng’s inner world, experience the ups and downs and hardships when building Baoding Mountain; feel the pristine folk life of Dazu in Song Dynasty, look at the world, but still feel puzzled after life’s hardships. I went to the temple and hoped that the Buddha statue could eliminate the devil; then a golden light flashed over Zhao Zhifeng into the state of the runner, and followed the guidance to the Bodhi tree of Buddha Shakyamuni’s enlightenment. Under the guidance of Guanyin, I realized myself, solved the confusion in my heart, and realized the true meaning of ingenuity...

· Create a benchmark attraction for the Dazu Rock Carvings Scenic Spot, a core window for cultural output, and become a cultural landmark in the Chengdu-Chongqing region;

· Radiate the whole country and even the world, build the value and influence of Dazu cultural brand, and become a cultural business card of Chinese stone carving art.

Export the cultural connotation of Dazu District and transform it into the added value of Dazu regional development by helping Dazu craftsmen to upgrade their spirit;

· Enhance the spiritual attributes, regional influence and competitiveness of the Dazu region, and feed back regional development and regional comprehensive quality improvement;

· The spirit of ingenuity is integrated into the benefits of Dazu's multiple formats and industrial clusters to drive the development of surrounding industries and achieve more extensive social benefits.

· Based on the beautiful meaning of "Dafeng Dazu", reshape the vitality of Dazu Rock Carvings through the new model of upgrading Dazu's economic value and tourism industry;

· Sublimate the sense of honor of Dazu District citizens' hometown, give tourists more emotional connections with the region, and become a new window for breakthroughs in Dazu District's "global tourism";

· Become a leading project in Dazu's cultural and creative industry, synergistically drive the common economic development of surrounding industries and commerce, and become a new model of scenic branding strategy.

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