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CAGE Series

Project Overview:

This series is created during the pandemic of COVID-19, which is aimed to explore the imagination of the “post-biological era”. The work consists of three themes: “Radio” in a bird cage; “Gestation” in a hamster cage and “Castaway” in a fish tank.

The smartphones in the cages will play the role of “pet” with not just new technologies, but also our personal data, memories and the communication trace of the internet. They will either“dialog”with you, either present you in a virtual online meeting, or show you how they fuse with biological intelligence. It is sometimes kind of “caricature”, golden mean but indifferent, that’s because more than enough to cope with you, they prefer to be alone and updating themselves. Cage for them is maybe a temporary isolation and just a self comfort for you.

"Right in the Cage" uses the form of a series of works to create, and it is reflected by themes.

Integrate biological art and smart technology, focus on the mobile phone as a digital technology carrier and the cage as a physical carrier, and imagine the future of digital technology.

For the use of mobile phone programming, the use of web pages, applications and online meetings are based on the theme. Interaction means try to use the built-in microphone, camera, touch screen, etc. of the mobile phone.

"Radio wave" theme:


Birdcage, mobile phone [customized web page], Raspberry Pi [customized web server], wireless gateway

"Maternal Body" Theme:


Hamster cage, mobile phone [customized app application], slime mold culture kit, humidifier

"Drifting" theme:


Fighting fish tank, ecological cup, night light, mobile phone [online conference live broadcast]

How the project enhances the user experience:

All are interactive works, which use the sensor signals of the camera and microphone to collect the interactive reactions of the audience in real time. [See the video for details]

Does the project have potential market applications? Where is the application and market value?

The works are experimental works of art, and the main hope is to throw out a discourse background, stimulate the empathy of the audience, and jointly imagine the cross integration of the future use of digital technology. At the same time, I hope that the audience can always reflect on the smart future.

Individual Introduction:

Artist, Music Technology Engineer, New Media Interactive Designer @Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Master of Music Technology at Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Master Degree of RIM at University of Jean Monnet in Saint Etienne, France. Main research areas are: Audio processing application development based on smart mobile devices such as mobile phones, innovated musical instrument design; Realization and design based on the "augmented reality" stage of new media theater; Interactive music/multimedia installations for art exhibitions.

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