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Interactive art immersive work "36.5"

Project Overview:

In 2020, the new crown virus will spread all over the world. In order to resist the invasion of the virus, human beings spare no effort, and thermometers gradually occupy the protagonist in people's daily lives. Therefore, we take the thermometer as the entry point, and intend to give it a richer connotation and form of expression. In the work, using the principle of temperature sensor, the audience measures the temperature, and the device feedbacks the person's normal body temperature and abnormal body temperature through a visual effect. Among them, the opening and closing of the flowers represents the rebirth of life and the disappearance of life under the envelope of the epidemic; the flowing particles symbolize the spiritual attributes and immortal hope that humans are fighting against. At the same time, the normal body temperature of human beings is between 36-37°C, so we take the middle value of 36.5°C and place the hope of returning the world to a good one on the work.

Disasters begin with humans, and they will end with humans. I hope the works can be inspiring and bring more strength and hope.

Creative and innovative points:

The creative source thermometer, starting from a visual point of view, brings people's temperature measurement to life.

How to enhance the user experience:

The creation of the atmosphere of the scene, users feel the visual and sound effects brought by their own temperature

The potential market value of the project:

Yes Can be used for temperature measurement in public places, providing an immersive temperature measurement experience

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